Launching the Scrap Play Takeaway

The toy library worked with Children’s Scrapstore along with support from Comic Relief Local Communities to bring an exciting range of scrap play items available from URC. Toy library member’s children are able to choose from a variety of interesting and tactile scrap items to take home with them for a donation of just 50p per box.

Offering children hours of creative play, so far one toy library member’s son had great fun creating a robot from his scrap items, while in our house a boat has been made to use in the bath, plus some of the items come out of the box on a daily basis to be used in a shop or as part of a doctor’s kit.

The idea behind the scrap play boxes is to encourage free creative play, for children to experiment and to learn by trial and error, all under the supervision of an adult (who are actively encouraged to join in and have fun making things from the scrap items!).

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